Creating Maven project in Eclipse

Apache Maven is a project management and build tool, which makes build process of software application easier. Latest Eclipse IDE contains built in support for Maven build tool. In this post we will learn how to create a Maven project using eclipse.

Following are the steps to create a Maven project on eclipse:

  • Click on File > New > Maven > Maven Project as shown below. and click on Next button.


  • Select the check box Create a simple project(skip archetype selection) on New Maven Project wizard. Here, we are not adding any archetype to our project. Archetypes are Maven project template tool kits, which helps us create a particular project quickly. Click on Next button to go to next step.



  • Enter the Group Id, Artifact Id and Name of the Project and click on Finish button as shown below. Here, Group Id is the package structure of our project(a reverse domain package ex: com.asb), and Artifact Id is the Project name.maven3
  • Finally our maven project is ready with following project structure. Here, pom.xml file contains all the information and configuration related to the maven project. We can add all dependency and project configuration details which is required for our project in this file.


In this post, we learned about how to create a simple Maven project using eclipse IDE.

Note: Eclipse IDE version : Eclipse Neon.