Installing Liferay on windows 7

Below are the steps to set up Liferay development environment in Windows system with Liferay Developer Studio(LDS) and Tomcat server:

  • Download Liferay Developer Studio from here.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to the local system.
  • Download Liferay Portal CE bundled with Tomcat server from here and extract the zip file to the local system.
  • Download Liferay plugin SDK from the above mentioned link and extract the zip file to local system.
  • Ensure that both the Liferay portal and SDK should be of the same version. Otherwise, the service builder won’t work properly.

Above are the required files needed to set up the Liferay development environment in the local system.

Liferay Developer Studio contains Liferay IDE along with bundled Liferay SDK in it(Liferay plugin SDK Enterprise Edition).

The Liferay tomcat bundle downloaded earlier is CE, we have to replace existing SDK with previously downloaded CE version.

Liferay’s home and automatic deployment path are specified in file inside Liferay tomcat bundle as shown in the below image:


Liferay is ready to use now. We can start the portal by starting the tomcat server.

Note: Liferay SDK should be placed in the local system with a smaller SDK path.

Note: Version details: Liferay version 6.2 + Apache Tomcat 7 server.

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