How to create Web content in Liferay 6.2

Liferay provides a powerful content management system, which allows site administrator to create web contents with little effort. In this article, we will learn about how to create a simple web content and how to display the web content on a site page using Liferay’s out of the box Web content display portlet.

Following are the main steps:

  • Create web content from control panel.
  • Add Liferay’s Web content display portlet into site page.

Create Web content from control panel

Login to portal with administrator credentials.  On the tool bar, select Admin > Content as shown below.


This will navigate the page to control panel. Where the control panel for creating the web content is displayed. Select option Add > Basic Web Content as shown below.


This will open up a HTML editor with rich features(WYSIWYG editor). On this editor, we can create our content, add media from Document and media library, insert links, etc. Enter the content to be displayed on the editor and click on Publish button.


Add Liferay’s Web content display portlet into site page.

Now the web content has been created. We can add Web content display portlet to display our content on our site page. Navigate back to our site’s home page and click on Add button (+ icon). Select Content tab. Select the created web content from available list and click on Add button or drag and drop it to site page.


We have successfully added our content to the page now. We can select different content to display or edit the existing one by using the options available on Web content Display portlet. Following is the content added on a site page.


Note: Version used: Liferay 6.2